Choosing a Rug Style for Your Home: Traditional Vs Modern Rugs

A rug can effortlessly transform any room. Indeed, a rug can change the look and vibe of a room and offer a variety of practical benefits – from creating a warm cosy space to soundproofing your living area. When it comes to home décor, rugs are a no-brainer. It’s a versatile addition to your living space that elevates style while hiding imperfections.

While choosing a rug for your space, lifestyle and personal style weigh heavily. If you plan to invest in a carpet that lasts you a long time, it is vital to ensure it is compatible with your lifestyle and suits your exclusive needs. It would be best to consider pets, children, demography and even the weather conditions.

Some steps precede rug shopping. The integral one is measuring the rug area. A simple hack is to tape off the area designated for the rug. It can help you visualize the rug placement and the combination of furniture. When visiting a store, it’s wise to take a colour swatch of your curtains, table or wall colours with you. The swatches help serve as a reference. Rugs act as a central décor piece in a living area, and their style and colour can set the mood of the space. Dark, rich colours help create an intimate setting, while lighter colours can create an illusion of a larger area. Warm tones such as yellow, orange or red add warmth, while cool tones create a calming ambience.

But choosing rugs for home does not just stop with the logistics. Rugs come in many varieties grouped into Traditional, Modern or Contemporary and Transition variants. It would be best if you consider numerous factors.

Traditional Home Rugs

Traditional home rugs are vintage; they are regal pieces of art. Traditional rugs always add pizzazz to your living spaces. The perfect touch of sophistication to your room makes it unique and extraordinary. Traditional rugs are beautiful and wield the power to liven up a space. These decorative rugs display fine craftsmanship, finely woven with intricate colours and patterns. Traditional rugs usually come in a defined set of tones like deep green, wine maroon, bohemian beige, onyx black, and inky blue, the most prominent ones. The standard rug patterns include florals or central medallions with octagonal, hexagonal, or diamond shapes.

Traditional rugs come with a set of properties that distinguish them: 

  • Traditional rugs are very versatile. They can elevate interior design;
  • Traditional area rugsare always potential conversation pieces. They draw attention to the furniture;
  • Traditional rugs possess the capacity to create illusions of bigger or smaller spaces. They tie in the room décor while also creating a welcoming ambience;
  • Traditional rugsinvite a luxurious aura while paired with the perfect lighting.

Modern or Contemporary Rugs

Modern rugs appeal due to a beautiful blend of colours and bold contrasts to abstract design elements and geometric patterns. Contemporary home rugs take inspiration from modern abstract art and architecture. Contemporary or modern rugs lean toward Western designs and get created to suit informal minimalist homes.

Modern rugs are usually prepared with a few simple colours without any form of intricate design or pattern that make them unique. They confer a subtle design element to the living space. These rugs are not designed to be luxurious; instead, they serve as a piece of art that always blends seamlessly with the choice of décor you make.

Contemporary rugs have an appealing appearance that lightens up spaces. Modern rugs use synthetic and natural fabrics such as wool, silk, jute, cotton, polypropylene, and polyester. These texturized fabrics add character to the rug;

Who should buy modern rugs?

  • Modern rugs are non-intimidating choices of décor that effortlessly upgrade the vibe of a particular space, a perfect fit for the current generation;
  • Minimalist design choices perfectly complement these understated rugs. If bold is not your style, these rugs are for you;
  • Modern rugs are budget-friendly options compared to traditional rugs;
  • Modern rugs are low maintenance as they are easily disposable. They can be discarded when worn with the use or stained and damaged thus move on to another new rug that is trendier and more affordable. This is a sensible design choice for rug owners with house pets or children;
  • They are versatile. Unlike traditional rugs, Modern & Contemporary Rugs can be customized to suit specific tastes and trends.

Choosing between traditional and modern rugs can be challenging for many, given that both remain appealing in their own right. The modern transitional rugs are the set of rugs that seamlessly combine the vintage regal aesthetic style of the conventional rugs with the colour palettes and abstract. The trendy designs of such contemporary rugs distinguish them from the rest.

Transitional rugs fit in perfectly with décor articles of both modern and vintage styles. They borrow classic elements from their traditional counterparts but tone down the affluent nature that they exhibit. In place of this, modern features from the contemporary rugs are added, giving an altogether 21st-century aesthetic appeal. A transitional rug is a creative way to keep your home chic while investing little.

Choosing a rug from the myriad of choices available can prove an intimidating experience. But it is crucial to remain true to your style and not be swept up in trends. As variegated area rugs are the investment of sorts, it is always a brilliant idea to opt for a classic style that will remain in vogue for decades. Another fact to consider is the layout and décor of your home. Area rugs can soon turn into an awkward place piece if they are not suited to your spaces. It can be jarring to look at and create an unpleasant ambience.

Keep the above mentioned pointers in mind to enjoy a happy rug shopping experience with us.

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