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Choosing a Rug Style for Your Home: Traditional Vs Modern Rugs

A rug can effortlessly transform any room. Indeed, a rug can change the look and vibe of a room and offer a variety of practical benefits – from creating a warm cosy space to soundproofing your living area. When it comes to home décor, rugs are a no-brainer. It’s a

Hand Knotted Vs Hand Tufted Rugs Vs Hand Woven Flatweaves: Where Lies the Difference

It’s applying a unique weaving technique that affects the quality, texture, design complexities and price. Otherwise, both hand-knotted rugs and hand-woven rugs get prepared by hand. When we talk of rugs, others in the fray claim to be “handmade”, such as “hand-tufted” rugs, but they are of a different genre. As handmade rugs, they quite

Unique Ways to Décor Your Home with Living Rooms Rugs

We’re always fascinated to look for tranquil ways to décor our living rooms. If you can only increase one item to influence your area hugely, a living room rug is a superb choice. The precise and appealing rug can pull all your inflexion colours together, add design to a neutral colour palette or