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Our Story

The history of the company dates to the colonial times. India was under the British Raj for over a century during which time an enterprising Englishman by the name of Walter Hart Deeth established an export company. The primary focus was to export raw wool to Liverpool, U.K. to auction and sell. 

Simultaneously, Mr. Parshotam Lal Sahni was a young and dynamic individual looking to reestablish himself. Witnessing the freedom fight, losing all assets, business, home and belongings in the freedom struggle, he and his family were now seeking refuge in what is now the present India.

In 1947, Mr. Sahni was 19 years of age when he grabbed on the opportunity to take over the goodwill and the business from Mr. Walter Hart. Mr. Parshotam Lal Sahni successfully continued the legacy of the established raw wool export business in the years to come under the name W.H. Deeth. 

His hunger for business was raging, in 1955 he understood there was an upcoming trend in the U.S. for women to wear matching hair wigs to their dresses. He setup manufacturing and a supply chain to expand the business product line. Being successful in the human hair business he gained knowledge and understanding of the U.S. market. The ever-expanding dynamism and passion to invent and create was fueled further. 

Thus, 1960’s was the birth of flat woven dhurries in India. He had successfully transformed raw wool into a finished floor covering product. Mr. P.L. Sahni’s enthusiasm for exploration and travel created demand and established a new market for dhurries world over. He set up manufacturing looms in Mirzapur, India and created employment for men and women to develop this tiny village. Mirzapur today is the hub of rugs and carpet manufacturing in India.

In 1973, the second generation, Mr. Sunil Sahni passes out of school and joins the business. To learn the ropes from his father he went to college and trained for business simultaneously. He well understood the need for expansion of manufacturing looms to sustain the gaining demand. He single handedly took control of loom expansion, raw material supply, training weavers. His eye for design and experimenting to create and invent yarns and textures blew open a whole new product range and henceforth, demand. 

The father son duo continued to dominate the floor coverings and furnishings market in the 80’s and 90’s. These decades marked the world being introduced to crewel embroidery fabrics, chainstitch rugs and needlepoint rugs made in the Kashmir valley. 

By this era, they had traveled to over 180 countries around the world. 

Third generation of the family, Mr. Gaurav Sahni joins W.H. Deeth in 2005 after graduating in Finance and Economics from the Ohio State University, U.S.. He continues to explore and disrupt the floor coverings market world over. His learning is inspired by two generations of entrepreneurs. Right through sales, marketing, travel, exploration and networking to the compliant and ethical ways of manufacturing and controlling the supply chain. 

Today, our range of floor coverings are highly specialized, customized and continue to furnish the best luxury residential and hospitality projects around the world.

Why Choose Us

1. Heritage

W.H.Deeth, established in 1940, we have become a generational heritage in the handmade rug industry. We’re dedicated to providing you with the best hand-woven fine rugs, furnishings and floor covers. With our ambition of providing quality & uniqueness and bringing them to you at the right price. We have manufacturing units with an exceedingly skilled labour force and an extensive vendor base working for us in the key hubs in India with a substantial production capacity.

2. Quality

Crafted by the hands of artisans who hold the magic of woven and handmade rugs through generations. They exude fine detailing and ruggedness with unbeatable craftsmanship just so that your rugs could ever beautify your space. Made from the finest quality raw materials that are eco-friendly, accomplishing our love for nature as well. What you see and expect from us is exactly what we’ll deliver.

3. Custom rugs

You imagine it, we craft it. Unreal isn’t it? Choose from the material *insert materials that WHD offers (need input)* you wish to have, send us the design you want to get crafted and we’ll bring it to reality for you. Our Custom-made rugs are of utmost superior quality made by a team of skilled weavers and rugmakers and delivered to you at your doorstep.

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