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Looking for a beautiful rug to dazzle up your home and feel the charm? You’ve reached the right place. We have a vast variety of Handmade, Premium, High Quality, Modern, Contemporary and Customized Rugs that you can choose from. All our products stand up to the reputation and our service networks as well. 

Everybody is unique and to maintain that uniqueness we offer customizability to match your style and needs. We offer rugs, floor covers and furnishings in a huge variety of textures and sizes to choose from, sets made just for you. We are committed to supporting our customer’s requirements, providing them with sustainable products, and offering a high level of customer service.

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We are pleased to have served you for over 50 years, with
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Treat your feet the comfort of Handmade Rugs, since it’s customized just for you, we offer a wide range of sizes, textures, colours and designs made using traditional techniques.



Carpets are frequently described as works of art, and caring for them properly will extend their lifespan. Cleaning your carpet on a regular basis with a broom, soft brush, or vacuum, depending on the carpet.


Q. Can I customize the binding of the rug I purchase?
Yes, the binding can be customized as follows: A) Stitched Round Binding B) Folded Edges and Stitch Binding C) Tassels D) Colors for binding can be customized based on matching the rug colors or even a solid color.

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What Our Client Say's

I received my rug today, and I just wanted to thank your business for providing such excellent service. I am overjoyed with my rug; it is lovely and of excellent quality. Online shopping can be dangerous because you can't see or touch the item in person, but this purchase has exceeded all my expectations. Again, thank you; I hope to utilize your service again.

New York City

We are very happy with our rug and frequently receive compliments on it from friends and guests. It is lovely and incredibly silky. It's like taking your feet to a spa when you walk on it barefoot! The rug's traditional yet modern design complements our decor and the room perfectly. Having a piece from India helps us feel more at home. We adore how natural and environmentally friendly the product is. adore it


Our new carpet has been there for almost two months, and we are happy with the product. I appreciate that you provided me with carpet of this high caliber and that it also arrived on schedule. The backup has also been excellent.

New York

The carpets were uniform in terms of texture and color. I was pleased with the caliber. Additionally, the service they offered was excellent.


I'm really thrilled with my rug; it's the perfect size and has gorgeous edge. Happy with the color selection, and the cozy wool scent is really great. Thanks, WH Deeth.